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The exams are almost here, so I do not have time to prepare a good post, but anyway,  I thought that maybe It would be a great idea to share with you what is on my mind right now!
So.. here we go…

Strawberries: everyday at breakfast!
Exams: almost here and freakin’ me out!
Stress: Keep Calm? What??
California: L.A, San Francisco, Coachella (Palm Springs..) I really would like to go to the festival because of the music, and not in order to appear in some street style blog!
Sneakers: my beloved Superga, Vans,…so comfortable and stylish!
Coffee or Tea?: actually I’m becoming a tea addict..
Prada ss’12: Great campaign and the most beautiful heels of the season…
Chanel: my TOP 1 Lovemark! The Chanel ice-cream is pretty cool! Isn’t? Dad, do it for me!!
iPhone 4s: finally coming soon!!!
Pink trousers: my favorite ones right now
Quotes: some quotes that we should take into account…
My new bedroom where I’ve been cocooned the last few weeks: some pictures where I took inspiration from..
My Yatt Clothing pullover… rocks!
Louboutins: always looking for red soles..
Sushi:  the best meal!
Summer holidays: I need them as soon as possible!
London: I do want to go back..
Foster The People: my favorite band, I’m deeply in love with all of their songs...
Sleeping Beauty: me (always sleeping ahahaha)..

This is it!

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Lots of Love
Song of the night: Warrior – Mark Foster + A-Track + Krimba

3 comentarios :

  1. Un post genialll! a mi también me encantan foster the people! pero más Arctic Monkeys (LLLLLLL) ajjajajaja sigue así! me encanta tu blog! muaa

  2. Me ha encatado elpost! no conocía tu blog, pero me quedo por aquií! te sigo guapa!


  3. Cuánto me han gustado estas composiciones...molan!!!!
    Bso grande, linda!!



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