The Perfect Equation

It feels so good to be back! my summer holidays are only two weeks away!…
These are my favorite pictures from the last Chanel show
At this point of the story you should know that I’m in love with this iconic french maison…
Uuhhh I feel love I feel love I feel love I feeeeeeeeel love ….(little tribute to Donna Summer …) with all the beauty of this fashion show!

all pictures by Chanel

The Perfect Equation:

Chanel + Versailles + Marie Antoinette inspiration = Great Cruise Collection

And…. the most important thing!
the new QPmag issue is out!! Don’t miss it!!!

Ya ha salido el nuevo número de QPmag! 266 páginas increíbles que se han hecho con mucha ilusión! No se pierdan mi nuevo artículo en la página 58, en el que desenmascaramos un poquito a Giambattista Valli.. y para aquellos que lo lean… me refiero a Christophe Dercanin y no a Olivier Rousteing… pero bueno.. son cosas del directo!

Lots of Love

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Song of the day: Heart a mess – Gotye

“You don't get burned
'Cause nothing gets through
It makes it easier
Easier on you
But that much more difficult for me
To make you see …”

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