Hey Boy II - Show me ....your ankles!

Hey boys! Here’s my second post about menswear, and firstly I would like to thank to all those  that loved the debut post and have encouraged me to keep on writing about it.

Boy, I want to see your ankles! It doesn’t matter if It’s winter or summer, hot or cold, if you’re wearing socks or not… It’s a simple detail that becomes a trend for you guys. Trust me, It’s too easy, just to roll up your pants a little bit and your outfit will look completely different . In case you have to wear socks,  they don’t need to match with your outfit, in fact, I would recommend you to choose a printed and funny ones.
So… show me your ankles!!

Hey Boys! Aquí está mi segundo post acerca de la ropa masculina, y en primer lugar me gustaría agradecer a todos aquellos que leyeron el primero y me han animado a seguir escribiendo sobre moda masculina.

Boy, quiero ver tus tobillos! No importa si es invierno o verano, si hace calor o frio, si llevas calcetines o no… Es un simple detalle que se convierte en tendencia para los chicos. Es muy fácil, simplemente remangar un poco los pantalones y tu outfit será completamente diferente. En caso de que tengas que llevar calcetines, no tienen que “pegar” con el resto del look, de hecho, recomendaría elegir unos estampados y divertidos.

Así que.. a enseñar los tobillos!

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Shells of silver – The Japanese Popstars
“When the cold of the day is over
and the warmth of the night moves in
there's a howling that stays beneath my skin
So I try to stay warm and moving
but the silence is just too strong
as the bloom of a rose is sharp and long
Shells of silver
This feels strange
as the closer we get to the grave

Everybody wants love,
but it's not enough
To have a good heart,
but it's not enough.

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