Hi, It’s been a while, but this place is my favorite one no matter how long I spend without posting anything. Truth is that this whole blogging world is turning into something pretty weird here in Spain. Nowadays everyone runs a blog and I know I have to get over and move one but the fact is that I can’t stand this paranoid where people cheat on their readers with fake designer accessories and if those readers were truly “fashion lovers”, as they claim to be, they  would not allow this kind of hipocrisy.
Anyway, I’m here today to “scream out loud” that I’m so damn pissed off, ‘cause I’m not going to be at  Indio desert this weekend. Yes! That time of the year has finally arrived: COACHELLA is here!

To be honest I’ve always dreamt about this festival, actually for most of the bloggers that probably are going to write something about, It’s just a place to wear their best hippie outfits, but definitely not for me.
Once again, Coachella has one of the greatest line up of the year and I’m miles, miles, miles away. Isn’t unfair? I promise myself that I will go at least once in my life and just in case, someone of the Coachella crew is reading this humble post, you should take into account that I need to be there.
But we all know miracles don’t happen so often, meanwhile I guess I’ll get hooked to its Youtube Channel and its streaming.

C’mon guys! I’ll do whatever, please! Take me to Coachella!

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